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Partnering with VIYUJ AERO TECH, equips your business to face up any kind of challenges & make the best opportunity out of it.


Working in parallel with the client’s needs, VIYUJ AERO TECH looks up to the challenges of restructuring business transformation, portfolio modeling, entry to market support and adding competitive advantage in the respective aviation market.  

Everything you can imagine is real

For us impossible is just an opinion!

Leading experts

VIYUJ AERO team pioneers in the field of business analysis and strategy development for aviation with a team of experts having an exposure to multiple functional area in aviation.

Sustainable Business

With services like startup consulting and aircraft maintenance, VIYUJ AERO TECH keeps you ahead to sustain the ups and downs of the market through strategy development with detailed data driven analysis.

Complex solutions

In addition to sustaining your business, VIYUJ AERO TECH is all equipped with expertise to address complex problem through our tailor made market analysis and technical consultation.

High quality standards

Having a team of consultants in defence as well as civil aviation to consultants having detailed knowledge of the business gives VIYUJ AERO an upper hand in maintaining highest standards in the industries.


We love & know what we do!

A big business starts small!

From evolving customer expectations and emerging technologies to more nimble companies entering industries, businesses today are more at risk for disruption than ever before.

Whether you’re experiencing challenges with company culture, internal processes or need a new business strategy to reflect your envisioned future, we’re here to help.

We can help you adapt to today’s market dynamics and continue to compete no matter the threats you might be facing. 


How we work

Don’t be busy – be productive!

Gathering data

Through reliable sources, industry experts collection of the data to your hypothesis is where we start. Qualitative and quantitative research follows through surveys interviews and questionnaires.  



Our planning is based on the research and the data gathered through reliable sources. 



We deliver the best solution within the given timeframe by using agile methodologies.



We help clients create inside-out growth strategies for the digital age, forging organizational structures that continuously innovate new products, services and experiences, and advance cultures. 

We know how it works!

If the plan doesn’t work – change the plan, not the goal.

VIYUJ AERO TECH holds an expertise in aircraft maintenance/ engineering analysis of various fleet of aircraft which enables you taking decisions to help you achieve business goals by facing up to the challenges. After mark services is an added advantages to our clients having business in airlines support, MROs, airport operators and aircraft manufactures in terms of planning operations to enhancing productivity by adopting the best in the class practices.

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