Start-up Consulting

VIYUJ AERO TECH is into consulting services for the entire cycle of the business starting from an idea till commencement of the first flight covering entry to the market and then scaling up. It will cover a detailed network planning, planning of fleet and operations and assessment of financial outlays and associated risk. The consulting super vision is completely derived from the in-depth analysis of the market.

Restructuring Consulting

Our restructuring consulting service serves as a key to revival and creating profitable growth on the basis of a flexible, fast and responsive organizational design. The consulting packages include analysis and recommendation with respect to the market key revenue generators and competitive advantages.

Aircraft maintenance consulting

Introducing for the first time, one of its own in this segment, aircraft maintenance consulting is one of our highly recommended service. Leveraging the experience and expertise of the promoters of VIYUJ AERO TECH, would be driving any airline towards the most optimized program in aircraft maintenance throughout the globe consultancy would drive savings in airline maintenance costs through identification various drawbacks in maintenance processes. Planning through emerging methodologies will be one of the key factors bringing down the maintenance delays and ineffective planning of aircraft maintenance.

Market Consulting

Viyuj offers this both standalone as well as a supplementary consulting on starting up, restructuring and maintenance. The accuracy and highest standards of insights on specific business models, embedded with strategic business development with detailed market analysis, tailor made market analysis and recommendations, technical consultation, and setup assistance (Legal and regulatory).